Our History

Profield Contractors Ltd. has been providing general building services to Gibraltar since it was first established in 1989. With almost thirty years of experience in Gibraltar’s unique market, we are able to bring a high level of expertise to clients with a broad range of specialist building services.

We are proud to have successfully taken part in some of Gibraltar’s most prestigious construction projects, such as the development of the Dudley Ward Tunnel. We have also delivered projects for the Government of Gibraltar and for major private developers and individual private clients. Our contracts have ranged from work valued at £200,000 to work of over £6,000,000 in value. We are members of the Government’s list of approved tenderers in the highest categories for both general building and civil engineering works.

Our experience is matched by our commitment to quality. Our professional and highly trained team of construction specialists is dedicated to delivering excellence at all stages of a project, from initial conception through to final build and handover.

We have a deep understanding of Gibraltar’s unique context for building whether a project is a small private refurbishment, or a major commercial development, and we can apply specialist skills and the knowledge garnered from long-term experience in this sector in Gibraltar.

We value our relationships with clients and with all the other stakeholders in our business. Our client-focused working means that we can deliver successful projects time and again.

Stability, reliability and the drive to deliver excellent results are what make Profield Contractors Ltd. Gibraltar’s best choice of contractors.

Our Mission

Our stated mission is to provide quality products in a safe environment through our experience and trained personnel.

Our Pledge to Clients

We make the following pledges to our clients:

  • We will dedicate our skills, our industry expertise and our experience to meet your construction needs to your requirements and to your satisfaction;
  • We will focus on achieving your goals for completion, quality and cost through our planning, design, engineering and construction expertise;
  • We will make sure that our projects are delivered in a manner that meets all regulatory requirements and that meets all the requirement of health and safety legislation – the health and safety of our employees, our colleagues, our professionals, the general public and any users of the sites on which we work, is of paramount importance to us.
  • We will commit ourselves to fostering good and profitable relationships with all persons involved in your project so that we deliver the excellence that you can expect from us.

Our Health and Safety Commitment

  • Profield Contractors Ltd., in accordance with the Company Health and Safety Policy, will abide by the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations which are enacted into law within Gibraltar.
  • We are committed to adopt and implement fully the requirements of the CDM Regulations both as Contract Designers / Engineers and as a client /employee to others.
  • Our commitment to health and safety is part of our organisational culture and our policy is fully implemented and observed by all employees of the company, both internal and external.
  • Health and Safety matters are at the forefront of this company’s activities and non- compliance is not tolerated.

Our Pride with Safety Performance and Culture

  • Our H&S policy target has always been zero – no H&S related incidents at all – with our workforce compliant in our zero target policy throughout all our works.
  • The organisation performs this by conducting regular Toolbox Talks with the workforce on site prior to starting any activities. These are always recorded, with the details and signatures of those in attendance obtained and recorded via a compliance sheet.
  • Prior to commencing works on site, our workforce, both in-house and those of other companies contracted to execute the project will be inducted through a site specific Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan with attendance and compliance recorded and signed for by each attendee.
  • All our Method Statements and Risk Assessments documentation include a Signature Compliance Sheet, in this way further educating our teams and instilling a health and safety conscious culture on site.
  • We engage the services of health and safety advisors who conduct weekly site inspections to ensure we obtain an impartial external observer to police our compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Our external, objective health and safety advice includes the revision of contract documentation, fire safety, first aid, dust management, working procedures and risk management in order to deliver and meet our zero target policy throughout the project life from conception to completion.

Sustainability and Environmental considerations

  • Profield Contractors Ltd is fully committed to improving the way our business responds to the needs of all of the stakeholders.
  • Our obligation is thus to integrate the socially responsible principles and concerns of stakeholders into our own processes in a way that accomplishes and surpasses existing legal and commercial expectations.
  • Our business is always carried out in direct consultation with all of our stakeholders. We all prosper as we achieve our goals to reduce our environmental impact and this is valued by Profield in each project we undertake; accomplishing these goals results in a safer environment.
  • Profield’s business practices and benevolent activities call for long-term, consensual approaches to combining sustainability principles with the necessity to meet client requirements and overall business objectives.
  • Profield endeavours to bring to Gibraltar’s construction sector new technologies that improve our clients’ profitability by exploiting conversion and energy efficiencies in a sustainable way. We keenly pursue partnerships and licensing agreements that augment our capability to deliver the best results. We assist our clients’ meeting of the challenges posed by the evolving environmental and market conditions, and in response to changing governing pressures.
  • Profield Contractors Ltd subscribes to the principles as set out in the 1998 Egan Report (Rethinking Construction) and the 1994 Latham Report (Constructing the Team) for the delivery of sustainable construction within affordable budgets and within the time constraints allocated.
  • ur Design & Build project, Filomena house is a perfect example of a building constructed efficiently, to high quality standards and with long-life cycle costs. We have a proven track record of procuring high-quality designs and construction in accordance with best practice principles, ensuring not only the requirements for long-life cycles were adhered to but also that the environmental impact and running costs of the building over its lifetime are reduced.
  • We work closely with our M&E consultants proposing various solar powered schemes, including heating and ventilation, water heating, Landlords’ electrical supplies and other passive design principles to minimise the overall energy consumption and maximize energy efficiency.
  • We use these same passive design principles of orientation, thermal mass, insulation, natural ventilation and zoning for all of our Design and Build projects.

“We wish to congratulate Profield on the work well done and professionalism of the
workers executing such task”.

R.M. Picton Hse

"Dear Mr Summerfield,
I wish to commend and congratulate you and your Company on the great
works you have carried out in refurbishing the above mentioned building.
I am not only talking on my behalf but on behalf of many tenants who are
and will appreciate the splendid works. I have even had the opportunity
to get to know many of your workmen who have at all times been very
I would especially like to mention and commend Lucas for his great
effort, efficiency and well done job of painting the inside of the
building and being so considerate and helpful to the tenants. You have a
great team.
I do hope that your Company is awarded many other jobs by Government.
You deserve it.
Thank you very much
E.B. - Governors Meadow House"


"We would like to thank you wholeheartedly for the excellent works undertaken by your construction company in the refurbishment to our now aging block Kingsway House.

Special thanks must go to Mr Joe Peñalver and his foreman, Jesús del Prado and his team, for their interest and expertise shown in all the different stages that they tackled which, at one point or anther, was no mean feat.

We have also written to the Chief Minister where, amongst other things, we highlight how happy all the tenants are with the end result of the refurbishment to our block and the works undertaken by your company.

We sure hope that you will also get to the refurbishment of yet another of the three remaining blocks.

Thanks again and we wish you all the best for the future."

Manolo Gatt

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